Better Water Combat/ Guild Ships/ Fishing In Guild Wars 2

I think most of the GW2 community can agree that water combat isn’t all that inviting. However, I think with a few more water activities it can become more fun. With things like fishing and ship/boat combat I feel players will be more excited about diving into the beautiful waters of Tyria. The idea of ship combat can also be transfer into wvw as well a new map for PVE players where it’s simply open ocean and pirate ships with little islands to explore.

This could also be way for a new style of combat against a new world boss. Players attack from the docks of ships using cannons and harpoon guns and work together to take down a huge sea monster. Escorting supply ships though pirate filled waters or protecting a ship of tourist from attacking sea creatures makes for good fun and better way to enjoy the beautiful world around the player.

In wvw, guilds can have ships that they sail the waters with. All wvw maps could be reached my sailing the waters and this could allow for different combat styles against worlds on and in the water. Or worlds can nettle to control the seas that also gives pints to the world that holds any given guild wars 2 gold.This would be great way for guilds to display their guild embalm on the sail of their ships and guard their worlds via the oceans as well.

Fishing could bring a new gathering style and also allow for another chance to collect black lion chest keys from the waters around the ruins of LA.Just something that came to mind, I think the idea of expanding the style of combat and providing different things for players to interact with will make it all worth it.

Having ships move along pre-determined paths with players on-board would be possible (think back to the SAB log rides), but I’m not sure whether the developers would be capable of making manually controlled ships for WvW. One thing I really wish was in this game would be transport such as the ships you suggested, rather than WPs (meaning you’d have to physically travel, use asura gates, other transport, or artificer crafted devices to get around). Fishing while on the boat would be fun, too.